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  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 27: Blogging for Creatives

    Man, am I excited for you to check out this episode! In episode 27 I’m chatting with Beauty and lifestyle blogger Charlene McCraney. She drops so many gems of wisdom in this episode and every creative entrepreneur needs to grab a pen and take notes! Charlene didn’t have plans to build a business from her blog. She started out by sharing her passion for natural hair with her audience, and has since grown a whole empire around her blog! Charlene tells us that knowing your purpose and passion is the first step to starting a blog. From there, Charlene shares so many tips and tricks that help get your website to the top of the search engines! Everything from naming your photos correctly to choosing the right keywords and even plugins that evaluate your site’s SEO, Charlene shares all about it in this episode! If you’re looking for just a few takeaways, here are some of the best nuggets of wisdom: Set up Google Analytics and look at it! Find out what content your audience loves and make more content like it Be strategic with your keywords. Use them throughout the blog text, but also make sure it’s included in your permalink and in your image file names. Put out content regularly. Google rewards sites that frequently have new things for audiences to see. Most importantly, remember that you have to play the long game when it comes to SEO. You might not see the results, but when you stick to it, SEO will help bring more of your ideal clients to your door. Charlene also has a great freebie for you! Visit to download your copy of The Ultimate SEO Checklist for blogging If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights: 1:10 - Get to know Charlene 4:36 - Letting your purpose drive your business 7:30 - Focus on your website and newsletter (not just social media) 11:06 - Challenges in finding your niche and audience 15:55 - Consistency and tips for starting your blog 21:00 - What does SEO mean? Why is it important? 26:50 - The best tips for improving your SEO today Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes About Charlene: Charlene McCraney, known on social media as @TexturedTalk, is a Dallas-based beauty and lifestyle blogger. After years of styling her own and several friends’ hair as a hobby, offering advice and tips, she decided to combine two of her favorite things…writing and talking about natural hair! Her blog, was created to promote healthy hair care for women of all textures and has since evolved to include other beauty and lifestyle topics. Charlene loves teaching aspiring bloggers how to take their passion and turn it into amazing, valuable content. When she’s not blogging she is probably crunching numbers as a Senior Financial Analyst, dancing, or figuring out a way to meet Beyonce in person. Connect with Charlene online: Website I Instagram I Facebook I Twitter I Pinterest IYouTube

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 33: Stop Playing Small

    In this bonus episode I chat with Britney Jeanine. I don’t think there are enough words for how much Britney has supported and encouraged me as a business owner. She is the creative mind that I partnered with to bring my brand—and website!—to life. With her joyful spirit and enthusiasm for uplifting other creative entrepreneurs, Britney shares her thoughts and experiences on how to stop playing small in your business. Britney’s career as an entrepreneur has been an evolution of passions and interests—and has also been a journey of listening to God’s great plans for our lives. She started out as a wedding planner, transitioned to event planning, then to wedding photography, and then to graphic design. God has gifted each one of us with unique skills, talents, and interests, and He wants us to use those talents to reach others and pour into their lives. So, what do you think? Is it time that you stop playing small and start dreaming big? If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights: 2:19 - Britney’s creative wedding 9:05 - Evolving passions and recognizing closed doors 16:15 - Stop playing small 18:39 - Show up as yourself 22:03 - Dream bigger 27:29 - How faith plays a part in your business 30:29 - Words of wisdom from Britney CHECK OUT UNSTUCK AND BEAST THE BRAND TODAY! About Britney: Britney Jeanine is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and true Florida girl. Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, she helps stuck and stagnant creative entrepreneurs build plan-based businesses and brands. With experience in photography and graphic design, she has helped create and strategize for over 120+ brands since 2008. Connect with Britney online: Website Instagram Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 38: How to be Relentless and Bold Despite Fear

    In episode 38, I'm chatting with Natalie Franke. Natalie Franke Hayes is an entrepreneur, mobilization marketer, community builder, and neuroscience nerd. In today’s episode, we’re chatting about How to be Relentless and Bold Despite Fear Check out one of my go-to tools in my business, HoneyBook! Here's a 50% off code for the year with a free trial to give it a try before you buy it Want to know more about HoneyBook? Send me your questions. Here's why I love HoneyBook: Less work. More life with HoneyBook a proactive platform for creative small businesses to create, review, and manage—all in one place. It seamlessly ties together CRM, workflow, agreements, and transactions with the community to empower creatives to thrive together through collaboration and new business opportunities. Connect with Natalie online: Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 39: Contracts + Trademarks for Content Creators

    In episode 39, Michelle Murphy, a Florida small business attorney who loves working with creative entrepreneurs and content creators to protect your brand and content. In today’s episode, we’re chatting all about Trademarks and Contracts. Connect with MIchelle online: Website Instagram Facebook Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 41: How to Level Up Your Business Systems

    In episode 41, I chat with Loran Elise, a Business Systems Strategist. She started her business as a Social Media Manager, but in working with her clients, she saw a major need for backend support. In today’s episode we’re chatting all about the importance of developing systems and processes in your business from day one to elevate your client experience. Connect with Loran online: Website Instagram Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 43: 3 ways to use your voice as a business/brand to make an impact

    In episode 43, I chat with Kia Young a social media strategist and serial entrepreneur. In today’s episode we’re chatting about 3 ways to use your voice as a business/brand to make an impact. We also talk about recent current events and how not speaking up will affect your business. Connect with Kia online: Website Instagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook Linkedin Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 53: Being Proactive in Your Business with Nathan Holritz

    In this episode I talk all-things photography-business-related with Nathan Holritz, the creative genius behind numerous ventures including Photographer’s Edit, a photo-editing service, two podcasts, and the Miilu app. Nathan is full of so much wisdom about the business side of being a photographer. While he cherishes the craft, he wants photographers to save time and money so they can focus on those things that are most important outside of work: your family, your friends, and your selfcare. With Covid-19 throwing a wrench in everyone’s plans for the year of 2020, Nathan shares some tips for being proactive in your business to protect yourself during difficult seasons, or in order to pivot when you feel you’re being called to something new. Being proactive requires some planning and intention. It’s about mindset and about putting your head down and getting systems in place in your business before you’ll ever need them. You know I have to show my fellow podcasters some love, so check out Nathan’s podcast Bokeh: The Photography Podcast with over 400 episodes of great photography education. Now, let’s get proactive together so that we can level up your business. These are my favorite resources to get your house in order so that you can face whatever life throws at you: HONEYBOOK FLODESK If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details from this episode, check out these highlights: 00:53 - About Nathan 01:54 - Saving time as a photographer 04:14 - Pivoting in your career and creating businesses 07:22 - Brand positioning and setting intentions 18:44 - Being proactive in your business Connect with Nathan online: Website Instagram- Photographers Edit Instagram- Bokeh Photography Podcast Instagram- Nathan Holritz Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 22: Mental Wellness for Creatives

    In episode 22 I’m chatting with DFinney, a natural light photographer and instructor based in the Washington, DC area. Danielle specializes in lifestyle portrait and business photography. But today, we’re going to be talking about uncomfortable things. On #worldmentalhealthday we’re talking about Mental Wellness. Listen in now as Danielle shares with us her personal story about her own mental wellness challenges. Friends, always remember to check-in on your friends you never know what battles they are facing. Listen now! Purpose to Create Podcast can be found on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Stitcher. Listen, share, like, comment, and review this episode. Shownotes: + Connect with us online: + + Listen Now: iTunes

  • Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 1 Dreams Unleashed

    I'm so hyped that you’re here! Today’s guest is Michelle McKinney, Michelle is a dream architect who helps women design, construct and bring their dreams to life. In Episode 01 we are going to be chatting all about Dreams Unleashed and pushing past your fears to see and create a bolder vision for yourself. So, grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes. It's gonna be a good one! Episode Snapshot:‣ The Journey‣ Definition of a Dream Architect‣The Confidence Gap‣Blue Ocean Strategy Are there ways I'm standing in my own way and self sabotaging my success? - Michelle McKinney Thank you for checking out the Purpose to Create Podcast. Share, like, comment, or review this episode. Connect with us online @purposetocreate. Resources: The Confidence GapQueen Esther Moses2 Corinthians 10:5 Blue Ocean Strategy Sponsor Love: I'm all for less work and more life. HoneyBook makes that possible for me through their proactive platform for creative small businesses to create, review, and manage—all in one place. It seamlessly ties together CRM, workflow, agreements, and transactions. HoneyBook helps me spend less time behind the computer and more time doing more of what I love like photographing my awesome clients and creating content for the Purpose to Create Podcast. Click here to receive 50% off your first year of HoneyBook and start doing more of what you love. Disclaimer: This link contains an affiliate code. Speaker Shoutout: Michelle McKinney defines herself as a Dream Architect. She helps women design, construct and bring their God-given dreams to life. She believes that every woman can fulfill her God-given purpose, and she is on a mission to help them get there. Michelle has 20-years experience working alongside senior executives at companies such as Starbucks, American Express, Fannie Mae and Zion, a multi-site church that serves over 10,000 people weekly. Michelle launched Dreams Unleashed knowing that this was God’s big dream for her. It was the perfect intersection of her entrepreneurial roots as a child, strong people skills, and her understanding of systems, infrastructure, and organization in the corporate world. She is fascinated by the idea that every woman can fulfill her God-given destiny before she leaves this Earth. Her not-so-secret mission is to create a world where women push past their fear into a realm of unshakable faith, stop playing small, and boldly declare who they are and execute what they were created to do. Michelle lends her philanthropic arm to serving on the National Advisory Council for National Angels, a non-profit organization whose mission is to walk alongside children in the foster care system, as well as their caretakers, by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building and mentorship. Michelle and her family reside in Upper Marlboro, MD. Social Media Handle: IG @michelle.mckinney Website: Listen & Subscribe now: iTunes

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