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Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 27: Blogging for Creatives

Man, am I excited for you to check out this episode! In episode 27 I’m chatting with Beauty and lifestyle blogger Charlene McCraney. She drops so many gems of wisdom in this episode and every creative entrepreneur needs to grab a pen and take notes!

Charlene didn’t have plans to build a business from her blog. She started out by sharing her passion for natural hair with her audience, and has since grown a whole empire around her blog! Charlene tells us that knowing your purpose and passion is the first step to starting a blog.

From there, Charlene shares so many tips and tricks that help get your website to the top of the search engines! Everything from naming your photos correctly to choosing the right keywords and even plugins that evaluate your site’s SEO, Charlene shares all about it in this episode!

If you’re looking for just a few takeaways, here are some of the best nuggets of wisdom:

Set up Google Analytics and look at it! Find out what content your audience loves and make more content like it

Be strategic with your keywords. Use them throughout the blog text, but also make sure it’s included in your permalink and in your image file names.

Put out content regularly. Google rewards sites that frequently have new things for audiences to see.

Most importantly, remember that you have to play the long game when it comes to SEO. You might not see the results, but when you stick to it, SEO will help bring more of your ideal clients to your door.

Charlene also has a great freebie for you! Visit to download your copy of The Ultimate SEO Checklist for blogging

If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights:

1:10 - Get to know Charlene

4:36 - Letting your purpose drive your business

7:30 - Focus on your website and newsletter (not just social media)

11:06 - Challenges in finding your niche and audience

15:55 - Consistency and tips for starting your blog

21:00 - What does SEO mean? Why is it important?

26:50 - The best tips for improving your SEO today