Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 8 Creating Strategic Opportunities

I'm so hyped that you’re here! Today’s guest is Gina Leanila, a wedding and lifestyle photographer. She is also the founder of The Everyday Lemonade, a digital platform that highlights women of color in creative and entrepreneurial careers. In today’s episode we are chatting all about Creating Strategic Opportunities. Episode Snapshot:‣The Journey‣Creating Strategic Opportunities

Always give your best service no matter what. - Gina Leanila

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Speaker Shoutout: Gina Leanila lives by three things — faith, love and passion. A photographer, content creator, and people connector — she is a colorful person literally and figuratively. As the wedding and brand photographer of Leanila Baptiste Photography, she loves capturing love stories and female creatives chasing their passion. She also is the founder and content creator of The Everyday Lemonade, a digital platform which highlights women of color who are entrepreneurs, creatives, or work in non-traditional careers. With a background in marketing and social media she’s worked with likes of Disney on Ice!, Whole Foods Market, and the Warrior Games to create strategic partnerships. Now, as a photographer and content creator, she connects people by telling stories through her lens and pen. Her mission is to inspire people to love wholeheartedly, thrive in their passion and purpose, and capture all of life’s colorful moments.

Social Media Handles: @leanilaphotos and @everydaylemonade

Website: https://www.leanilabaptistephotos.com/

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