Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 52: How to Show Up Authentically in Your Business with Kimberly

You all are in for a real treat with this episode! Kim is a fellow brand photographer and strategist based in Florida. She and I were in a mastermind meeting when she shared one of her goals: to be on a podcast. So right then and there I knew I had to have her on!

Kim has such an incredible journey as a photographer, full of many pivots and changes in her career. But in each pivot, Kim found that she was becoming more and more herself, more authentic, and was able to find those clients she loved working with.

Showing up authentically online can be a scary thing; but Kim and I are here to tell you that in order to be where you want to be in your business, you have to show up as your true, beautiful, authentic self. Not only does this serve your business and help you grow, but it also connects you to the people who will be most blessed by working with you.

Make sure to visit Kim on her website ksromano.com and check out her Resources page for some great educational freebies to help you get clear on your brand.

If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details from this episode, check out these highlights:

01:23 - Kim’s photography story

10:31 - Staying authentic during transitions in your business

19:30 - Creating authentic content and engaging with people online

26:58 - Authentic content that connects

34:48 - The secret behind serving your ideal client

37:36 - Showing up and pushing past your fear

42:45 - The importance balance

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