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Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 51: Understanding Your Ideal Client with Petronella Lugemwa

Petronella—or as I call her, “P”—has been a friend and cheerleader from the start. Based in New York, Petronella is a wedding and family photographer serving multicultural, interracial, interfaith, and mixed couples. P is all about celebrating family and cultural heritage in her photography. She’s a blessing to know and I’m so hyped that you all get to hear from her in this episode.

Understanding your ideal client is essential in elevating your brand and business. You cannot be everything to everyone, and better yet, no one is expecting you to be or do all the things!

Petronella shares her personal story and how that story led her to understanding the mission behind her business and therefore who she was meant to serve with her beautiful photography.

Throughout the episode we share all the juicy details about identifying and defining your ideal client, creating a client avatar, and how to speak to your ideal client.

For now, I want you to answer some questions so that you can get started with understanding your ideal client:

  1. Why do you do what you do? Why did you start your business? What is the bigger purpose of the services you deliver?

  2. Think of a client that you really loved working with. What was it about them that made the experience fun for you? How did that experience compare with others?

If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details from this episode, check out these highlights:

01:27 - Catching up on everything going on in the world during 2020

05:30 - Our friendship and the importance of finding your people

07:51 - Understanding your ideal client

16:00 - Your ideal client avatar

22:21 - How do you know when it’s time to redefine who your ideal client is?

25:39 - Speaking directly to your ideal client

32:05 - Using your story and talents to reach your ideal client

38:25 - The first steps toward defining your ideal client

43:00 - Petronella’s podcast - bringing together multicultural families and couples

Connect with Petronella online:







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