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Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 50: Positioning Yourself as an Expert Online with Tamera Darden

Tamera Darden is the creative genius behind Darden Creative, a content creation agency for beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands. Tamera focuses primarily on product photography that’s been proven to generate leads and sales for her customers.

She has created work for Macy’s, Harper’s Bazaar, Eden Bodyworks, and more big-name brands. So I knew she was the perfect person to come on the show to share about how you too can position yourself online as an expert in your craft.

It might surprise you to hear that the secret isn’t in getting all kinds of fancy gadgets to make yourself seem more legit or spending a bunch of money on advertising to try to generate leads.

Here’s the real secret… it’s about finding what you’re good at and making sure people know you’re good at it.

It’s that simple!

In this episode, Tamera and I talk all about finding a niche—or a specialized focus—for your work, which can help you hone your skills. Then we dig deep into the importance of knowing your ideal clients so that you can provide the exact services they need.

As a photographer myself, it blows me away that Tamera was creating high-quality imagery for big-name brands with… get this… her iPhone! So it’s officially time to set aside our excuses. We all have what we need to get started right in front of us. So let’s get out there and level up!

If you want to dig even deeper into your own business and talk more with me about developing a unique brand and positioning yourself as an expert online, let’s talk more on a discovery call! You can get in touch with me today by filling out this form on my website:

If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details from this episode, check out these highlights:

01:00 - Tamera’s journey into entrepreneurship

03:46 - Succeeding with the resources in front of you

09:45 - Networking and building connections

20:00 - How to position yourself as an asset and expert online

23:09 - Finding your niche and narrowing your focus

32:55 - Knowing your ideal client and how to serve them

Connect with Tamera online:





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