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Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 47: The Everyday Photographer with Kanayo Adibe

Do you take a photo... or do you make a photo?

This is the question we answer on this episode featuring the incredible Kanayo of Kanayo Adibe Photography. Kanayo is a wedding photographer but also stretches his creative muscles by doing some street photography.

Kanayo’s philosophy is so unique in our industry. He believes that anyone can take a photo, but a true artist MAKES a photograph. This means controlling the situation and creating something with what’s in front of you. Manipulating the elements around you to turn it into stunning artwork. (And that includes wedding photography, believe it or not!)

In this episode we also talk about the importance of getting out of your usual niche and photographing other things in your life. Whether it’s landscapes or textures or even murals in the city, it’s important to train your eyes to see what others don’t so that you can become a true master of photography and create stunning images each and every time you click the shutter.

Make sure to connect with Kanayo online through his website or Instagram! He also offers further education, so if you like what you’re hearing, consider becoming a patron and getting all the gems this man has to share about his craft.

If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details from this episode, check out these highlights:

00:58 - About Kanayo

2:40 - What does it mean to be an ‘Everyday Photographer’

6:28 - What feeds your creativity?

8:08 - Making a Photograph vs Taking a Photograph

12:55 - Barriers to creativity

17:14 - The Mindset of the ‘Everyday Photographer’

31:33 - How important, really, is the gear/the camera?

37:17 - Kanayo’s street photography

Connect with Kanayo online:





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