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Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 26: Faith, Family, and Photography

In episode 26, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joshua and Karris, a husband-and-wife wedding photography team.

Joshua and Karris met in college and their photography business grew with their relationship. With all the ups and downs of life, these two have had to learn how to make their business work for them… rather than having to always work in/on their business!

Joshua did an experiment for a year to discover how he spent his time. And while maybe you don’t have to do that exactly, Karris affirmed Joshua’s commitment to this experiment because it helped them figure out where they were wasting time, where they needed to spend more time, and how they could get back more time to themselves to focus on their family.

Life always comes your way, and unexpected things happen. So it’s important to have clear systems in your business so that it doesn’t fall into a tailspin when you can’t be working. Outsourcing is another great option for taking some tasks off your plate so that you can focus on the work that brings you the most joy and is aligned with your purpose and God’s plan for you.

These two are so open about sharing their faith, and they have been true sources of inspiration for me. They encourage all of us to lean in to God’s plan for our lives and to trust His leading. We can’t always see the big picture, but He does, and He has plans for us to prosper, in business and in life.

Don’t miss a single second of this episode, friends! I know you’re going to love each and every gem they drop throughout this episode.

For the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights:

1:57 - Karris & Joshua’s start as photographers

4:58 - What it’s like working with a spouse

9:09 - Balancing family life with full-time entrepreneurship

11:47 - Building a business that works for you

21:44 - How faith influences your business

25:45 - Rapid fire questions (and more on infusing your faith with your business!)

About Joshua & Karris:

Joshua and Kariss are a Dallas-based, husband-and-wife wedding and corporate photography team who capture special moments all around the country and across the world. After turning their passion into a profession, they love serving their couples and teaching other photographers how to walk with God and build a business that enhances their life and purpose.

Connect with Joshua & Karris online:

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


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