Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 19 Evolving and Shifting

In this episode, I sit down with event planner, Jon’ll Boyd. Jon’ll’s infectious joy and bright personality help give some peace about a topic that can often be stressful for small business owners: evolving and shifting your business in new seasons of life.

After a successful career in sales and marketing, Jon’ll embarked on her journey to start her own event planning business. Jon’ll serves brides, grooms, and corporations in the DC wedding, taking care of all their planning needs.

But Jon’ll’s roles don’t stop at being an event planner. She is a highly sought after speaker, a teacher, and the mastermind behind the Planner’s Suite, an educational experience for planners and other business owners seeking to build a sustainable and profitable business.

Jon’ll takes us to church and shares all about letting go of control and trusting God. At the end of the day, we entrepreneurs can’t possibly be in control of every little thing that might come our way. Regardless of your faith, understanding that things won’t be perfect and that things might go wrong is one of the first mindset shifts you need before evolving in your business.

Jon’ll also shares her insight on trusting your instincts to know when it’s time to shift when it’s time to shift in your business. Oftentimes, we feel it in our gut that something needs to change, but fears and insecurities hold us back. Today’s episode is all about getting rid of some of those fears and preparing yourself for success in seasons of change.

For the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights:

+ 1:30 - Jon’ll’s story and background

+ 5:23 - Letting go and trusting God

+ 9:13 - Preparing to shift and knowing when it’s time to evolve

+ 20:48 - Relationship capital vs. relationship crutch

+ 23:28 - Lessons learned during seasons of evolution

+ 29:33 - Shifting from weddings to corporate events: knowing when it’s time to evolve

+ 36:20 - What’s ahead for Jon’ll and investing in your education

About Jon’ll

Jon’ll Boyd is the CEO and Lead Event Planner of Completely Yours Events & Design, founder of the Planner’s Suite, and a highly sought-after speaker. She is an advocate for helping new, transitioning, and upcoming planners understand how to grow a thriving business. Jon’ll has also worked with clients, companies, and organizations with recognizable brands such as INOVA, AARP, and BET.

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