Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 17 Personal Branding for Creatives

In this episode, I sit down for a chat with fellow personal branding photographer Kamron Khan, a Cleveland-based photographer serving entrepreneurs from across the country.

Along with being a photographer, Kamron is a wife and mom, which brings an extra layer of challenges when it comes to building your business. Kamron discusses how she balances work and personal responsibilities by setting boundaries, marketing to only her ideal audience, and adjusting your business as life changes occur.

Interestingly, Kamron started out doing personal branding photography at a time when the topic wasn’t really top of mind for many small business owners. But she realized the importance of sharing a story through images, which includes so much more than a standard studio headshot. There are so many untapped markets out there, just waiting for you to get started. And most importantly, even if there are already other small business owners doing what you feel you’re called to, that’s okay! There is only ONE YOU in the world, and what you provide through your services is something truly unique from everyone around you.

Kamron is a total boss babe when it comes to setting her clients up for success before the personal branding shoot. Though consultations and careful planning, Kamron makes sure that everyone who steps in front of her camera walks away with authentic, compelling visuals to connect small business owners to their ideal audience.

For the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights:

+ 2:09 - Balancing life as a business owner, wife, and mom

+ 8:05 - Finding your niche, identifying an untapped market

+ 12:15 - Why are professional images important for business owners?

+ 16:40 - Telling your story online and connecting with your audience

+ 22:43 - Common mistakes creativepreneurS make when using professional images

+ 28:39 - Planning for personal branding sessions and client experience

+ 36:24 - Top 3 takeaways: why should we invest in personal branding images?

About Kamron:

Kamron Khan is a Personal Branding and Wedding Photographer based in Cleveland, Ohio. And is the co-owner of Co-Creative, a branding and marketing agency.

Connect with Kamron online:

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

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