Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 3 Identifying Your Ideal Client

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I'm so hyped that you’re here! Today’s guest is Rhea Whitney, a wedding and portrait photographer and educator based in DC & Texas. She is also the creator of PhotoBomb Academy, a digital education platform created to inspire and assist photographers and creatives at any level on how to improve their image taking skills and budding businesses. In Episode 03 we are chatting all about Identifying your ideal client and practical tips on how to market to your ideal client.

Episode Snapshot:‣The Journey‣Identifying Your Ideal Client‣Challenges‣Marketing to ideal clients‣Photobomb Academy

Clap for yourself for how far you've come. Make a plan for where you want to go next. - Rhea Whitney

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Resources: Photobomb Academy Brand Resource Guide5 game-changing tips for photographers to better their images and client experience!

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Speaker Shoutout A true flower child at heart, Rhea is a peacemaker and an instant friend to almost everyone she meets. She's a true free spirit, has been told that's she's motivational and even has Cosmo beat on the astrology front (#Libra). She believes beauty is all about small details coming together to create a big picture! She is passionate about capturing the true essence of the moment and each session is customized to meet clients’ needs, personalities and wants to keep memories alive for future generations. Growing up in multiple states, Rhea has learned the value and balance in making new friends and cherishing the old. Although she loves being surrounded by nature, you still may find her roaming around in her favorite place to shop, Nordstrom! Navigating through the semi-annual sale is like a jungle in itself. One jungle that she truly enjoys! A proud HBCU/Howard grad, she actually walked away from her corporate job in accounting three years ago to pursue her passion of photography full time. How's that for stickin' it to the man and embracing that free spirit?!

Social Media Handles: IG - @RheaWhitney @PhotoBombAcademy // FB - @RheaWhitneyPhotography

Website: http://www.rheawhitney.com

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