Purpose to Create Podcast Episode 34: Instagram Content Creation

Kaye McCoy is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in L.A. Kaye has one of the most beautiful and unique Instagram feeds around, with a cohesive, consistent look and over 13K followers.

In this episode of the Purpose to Create Podcast, I wanted to find out Kaye’s thoughts on how exactly we can go about up-leveling our Instagram game. We all know that Instagram is important, but are we being intentional with our strategy? Do we even have an IG strategy?

Kaye shares her thoughts about using Instagram as an extension of our website. She makes a great point about how we spend so much time, money, and energy thinking about our website and making sure it’s consistent with our brand and all the things we need it to be, that our strategy on IG just falls by the wayside. Nowadays though—while it’s still important to have a website!—Instagram should be thought of as an initial handshake with your audience and potential clients. So many people will get to know you and your brand through your IG account.

Kaye also shares some great ideas on how to curate our IG content, including looking at colors and themes, and making sure you’re “thinking in threes” when planning or posting content.

If you’re looking for the quick, down-and-dirty details, check out these highlights:

1:12 - Kaye’s creative journey

8:25 - Content curation on Instagram

14:43 - Instagram ads: should we invest?

20:28 - Instagram strategies for content

29:06 - Why should you care about curating your IG feed?

30:22 - Journaling & self reflection

37:04 - IG usernames

About Kaye:

Kaye McCoy is a Los-Angeles photographer most known for the way she highlights her subjects in a stylish and bold way. When she’s not at a photo session, you can catch her cuddling up with a good book or visiting a host of fashionable cafe’s.

Connect with Kaye online:







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